Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Staples

The Staples is a garage Rock band from Salt Lake City. This is not to be confused with the famous Staples Singer from late sixties and seventies soul i.e. Mavis Staples. Their sound is infused with early punk and a bit of Detroit rock sound. They have rawness similar to Artic Monkeys and the Strokes and would make great party music. Their songs are catchy and exhibit strong pop elements; Dancefloor is hands down their strongest track with syncopated rhythms and strong chorus.
The Staples do suffer in having a solid rhythm backbone throughout all the tracks. The Guitars, Drums, and Bass struggle to stay in time and would highly recommend taking another crack in the studio (although I sympathize with the expense). While rawness can breathe life and emotion into many DIY recordings too much and it becomes distracting. Also, I’d recommend a name change as petty as it sounds; it’s just too close to The Staple Singers who are legends. It would be like naming a band the Stones even though they are technically The Rolling Stones it’s just too close. Although, in The Staples defense, I just finished listening and loving Cults which could easily be confused with The Cults, so what I know.


  1. Cool band photo, is there a link to somewhere that I can hear their music?

  2. yeah here, facebook.com/thestaplesmusic