Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Last Look

It’s 4 in the morning so forgive me for making this short. I’ve been needing something which could clear my pallet from the steady stream of wordy folk music coming out of Provo(I promise Provo and Indie folk will give some love next week).You have to check out this band. The Last look has shout out choruses, creative bridges, awesome changes, they musically function like a band, and they like The Replacements. Sweetie, you had me Shout out. Slug compared them to Country indie rock and I can’t exactly see it, but I haven’t seen them live. When I think Country indie rock I think Drive by Truckers and Ole 97s. Anyways, although not as trendy a title as “indie” I hear a lot of rock and emo. I hear some old Story of the Year, AFI, and Taking Back Sunday with more uplifting lyrics.
Oh by the way, Allison Martin from My Dead Ego is also in the band. Scha-wing! the music. So, if you’re counting. I’ve taking a playful jab at Provo, Indie folk music, Slug magazine, and made one slightly sexiest comment toward Allison. All of which I am deeply sorry, please know I can and will be better. Next week I will try and offend Moderates and 2% milk drinkers.


  1. At the band's heart and soul is rock & and roll. (The dot at the end of the sentence is a period, meaning, "enough said")

  2. Maybe I am just incredibly lazy, but I would love links so I don't have to copy and paste to find all this music :), yeah I am lazy.