Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review of The Suicycles

I received The Suicycles first EP,”4 Psychotic Car Rides” from a friend who watched them open for She Wants Revenge. At first I was a bit turned off from the artwork, but thoroughly enjoyed the first track "Speaking in Tongues". It had a strong new wave feel reminiscent of The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, and the Bravery (I know, forgive me). I also really like fake British accents from Utahn’s (now there’s a fair comparison to the Bravery). This accent makes me want a butler, a candlestick, a parlor, and Colonel Mustard. All joking aside, this is by far the strongest song on the EP Full length album. The production for this and their full length CD is impressive for local artists and shows some very strong talent, know how around the studio, and an ear for hooks. The Suicycles have released 2 EP's and 1 full length CD in like 6 months which is no small feat for a local artist.
The Suicycles do tend to bounce around genres, and there is a lack of continuity from track to track which either makes the band very versatile or seem like the episode of the Simpsons where Lisa has an identity crisis. I do respect this bands work ethic and if Cavedoll’s body of work is any indication, there will be much more music likely even this year. 
 When I was 15 I loved Lords of Acid and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Suicycles also have this highly sexual rock/electronica sound as well which will offend adults and increase 14 year olds pulse. One sign that I may be getting to old, tracks like "Sl, UT" are not only offensive, but now seem very creatively lazy and cliche. Yell fire in a theater and you’ll get a reaction, and I’m sure they get a healthy response with this one live. “As long as there's, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll.”—Spinal Tap
All that aside, I don’t want to understate the talent and infectious hooks Suicycles have provided. "Speaking in Tongues" is a must hear track as well as their version of Sour Times and Vacation from the Sun.

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  1. Slut is not yelling fire in a theater, it is a piece remarking on man's intolerance toward women as functioning and equal human beings and is 100% sarcastic. Try giving the lyrics another listen.