Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parlor Hawk - "Hoarse & Roaring"

Parlor Hawk, a folk indie band out of Provo, UT has produced a gorgeously moving album with "Hoarse & Roaring". It's always exciting for me to hear a local band that possesses this much talent and who understands how to display it.

The standout track "Home" incorporates everything that is good about this folk/indie genre: trouble-filled lyrics, melancholy melodies and a patience that is striking. The acoustic guitar flows brilliantly and beautifully at a flawless pace. It is impossible to hear this track and not want another listen immediately; this is almost definitely due to the honest and heart-felt delivery of the vocals.

The band's songwriting appears to be natural and effortless and it shows on other noteworthy tracks like "Like Thieves" and "Julian". Parlor Hawk isn’t for everyone, although I do think it does appeal to a wider audience than just the faithful folk crowd. The band can't hide its pop tendencies that hook the listener and leave them wanting more. All in all, "Hoarse & Roaring" is a solid folk/rock album.

Coby Coonradt

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